I was up at the crack of dawn this morning and ventured to Kempton Antique Market. The Sunbury based market claims to be the largest in the country. Running bi-monthly it has hosted this great market for over 20 years. It’s a visual merchandisers prop heaven, everything from classic bell jars, vintage-stacking boxes to the more unusual science lab equipment. Here are my favourite potential props for merchandisers.

Spring tonal colour blocking with large thread bobbins, is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, Tonal multiples always make a great statement display.

Vintage raw wood containers with printed typography are great to use when displaying mass product or stacked to have an individual display.

4 green bottles standing on the wall… to add colour and shape to any display, they can be used as a pop of colour or great for lifestyle VM.

Bell Jars are a staple in any VM prop cupboard, great for multiple displays and framing intricate products like jewellery, the cheaper you can pick them up the better.

image 4}

These science lab bottles and jars bring back a sense of nostalgia. They are a very versatile prop adding a theme into the display as well as being able to hold product inside, or draped over them.

Oversized filing cabinet draws are great for stacking and holding product.